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COMING SOON! Dr Tina's Latest Book:

Shameless Parenting - Everything You Need to Raise Shame-free, Confident Kids & Heal Your Shame Too!             

Presale April 1, 2021!

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Interested in taking courses to heal sexual shame?

Dr. Tina has courses developed from her over twenty years of research on the effect of sexual shame and religious sexual shame on our health and wellbeing - where it comes from, how to identify it, heal it, and learn to claim the sexual vitality you were meant to know. 

Interested in taking courses to improve your skills in intimacy?

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist for over 30 years, Dr. Tina has worked with thousands of people on improving their experience of connection and pleasure. In these courses she shares with you some of the most important things she has learned from listening and working with couples and relationships. 

Interested in taking courses to give you a leg up on parenting?

In TOP S.E.C.R.E.T. Courses, Dr. Tina does what ought to be standard practice in our country - she provides for parents courses in life education, child development, sex education and relationship education. She provides all the secret inside info that helps you know what your kids need at each developmental stage, so you can feel prepared and equipped to handle what they will naturally do, bring home, and dish out. 

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Your happiness rests on the happiness of your most important relationships

How strong is the love, laughter and security inside your most attached relationships? Don't wait to make your investment. Don't wait to know joy.


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